Raffaela Romitelli



Raffaela Romitelli

Swedish facial decontracting physio-circulatory massage, aromatouch, reflexology

Raffaela Romitelli

Holistic massages
Swedish, Californian, bamboo, plantar, facial, decontracting, traditional Thai.
Hatha, align, vinyasa, meditation and relaxation, yoga nidra

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Holistic Alliance Professionals

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Write to us on WhatsApp, we will be happy to give you more information


Frequently Asked Questions FAQ

1. Are the courses certified? Yes, the courses are certified by HAP; 2. Will I only have a course with video tutorial and PDFs or will I also have a tutor at my disposal? Yes, you will have a teacher at your disposal for checks and explanations if there are any doubts; 3. Can I be certified by HAP even without taking a course? Yes, by presenting your previous training syllabus, or in any case the subjects you have studied and the years of practice as an operator in one of the disciplines recognized by HAP; 4. Can I receive discounts or pay in installments for a course? You can write to info-uk.com, we will evaluate your case; 5. Can I use a HAP location for my holistic business? As a HAP affiliate, you can get in touch with HAP school offices that will be able to inform you of their economic conditions facilitated for all HAP affiliates; 6. If I am a trainer/teacher/master, can I access the HAP platform and create my own paid course? If you are a certified HAP trainer you can create your own course if it is missing on the platform. You will have economic agreements that will be explained to you by writing to info-uk.com; 7. Is HAP only in Scotland? Yes, HAP's headquarters are in Musselburgh, Scotland, but its affiliates are all over the world; 8. Does HAP organize on-site courses? Yes, HAP organizes on-site and online courses.