Emanuela Alletta



Emanuela Alletta

My name is Emanuela,Iím a mum to 3 fabulous children,1girl and 2 boys.

Emanuela Alletta

I came from Rome Italy íthe eternal cityí which I have lived all my life, until my husband decided for us to follow our dreams and move to Scotland.

I started yoga 15 years ago, yoga wasnít as popular as it is now and I met a lot of yoga teachers which affected my yoga practice, then I knew yoga was my passion and wanted to become a teacher and share it with others, my amazing teacher Paola Del Monaco helped me achieve this and I graduated in yoga in May 2018, followed by also graduating in reflexology.

I also do TERRA oils wellness consultations I use them often for my reflexology and yoga sessions..

If you want to start a fresh year to clear your mind and soul please come along to my class..

Look forward to seeing you there

Emanuela x

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